Aperitivo In The Sky With Cocchi Review!

We recently got to experience London in the Sky at Peninsula Sq, Greenwich courtesy of Cocchi Spritz. A cocktail masterclass suspended 100ft in the air above the iconic London landscape. 

The town of Asti, Piedmont, has been the home of the Cocchi winery since 1891. Founded by Giulio Cocchi, a pastry chef keen to experiment with new flavour combinations, Cocchi are some of the finest 100% natural, Italian aperitivo wine and vermouth produced in Piedmont in the northwest of Italy. Today, Cocchi is served in 99% of theWorld’s Best Bars and is synonymous with authenticity and quality. 

The cocktails we got to sample went from perfect day drinking spritz to evening negronis. The daytime Cocchi spritz is a perfect light aperitivo, easy to drink Cocchi Rosa topped with tonic water and basil and strawberries. Perfect excuse to gather together friends together and enjoy a lovely English summer afternoon. Move over aperol spritz, there’s a new spritz in town.

This was followed by Cocchi Rosa Negroni. A slightly bitter drink from the Campari an essential ingredient in the classic negroni.

The evening spritz named the Vermouth Di Torino was easily my favourite drink of the day. Cocchi vermouth topped with Franklin and sons rosemary and olive tonic water. The tonic water must be tasted on its own, the flavour is truly amazing and compliments the vermouth well.

Lastly we tasted the vermouth version of the negroni. Again, a bitter drink but not unpleasant. It all comes down to personal tastes and preferences. Our bar tender was truly passionate about the brand and we appreciated his humour, stories and his flair.

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Written by Ayesha khatun