Art of Patrón – Day of the Dead London Review

The Day of the Dead, (Dia de Muertos), is a Mexican tradition that you might not be that familiar with, especially with Halloween common place at this time of year.  However Art of Patrón – Day of the Dead London has certainly brought this authentic Mexican festival to from the shadows to the foreground in some style.

The Day of the Dead is a celebration of life, remembering the dead and honouring ancestors with love and respect.  These fitting tributes are embodied by rich feel of Mexican culture littered throughout the venue.  The décor was luminous, garnished by exquisite floral and candle arrangement, in keeping with the theme.  Mexican artist Pablo Angel Lugo Martinez had various paintings, illustrations and sculptures on show, exhibiting his creations inspired by Patrón, exclusively show cased only at this event.

The experience was not only exciting, but interactive with Patrón having collaborated with acclaimed make-up artists The Gypsy Shrine who were on hand to transform you into elements of the La Catrina – The Grande dame of death.  This was an opportunity not to be passed up and I too became a lost soul of the night!

Then there was the Tequila. Anyone familiar with Patrón Tequila know of its smooth elegant taste.  I was fortunate enough to partake in one of the Day of the Dead experiential master classes which shone a light into what goes into making this sublime liquid.  I was pleasantly surprised by the nuance and depth of flavour which went into making every bottle. The smooth texture was delightful to the senses and my appreciation of Tequila has certainly deepened.  If that wasn’t enough I was given the opportunity to learn how to make one of Patrón’s special Day of the Dead cocktails, the El Diablo being a personal favourite.  Needless to say, I will be tending the bar at the Christmas party!

With DJ Tasty Lopez creating a vibrant atmosphere by playing an eclectic mix of Latin beats this was just another well considered detail to what was an extremely original and thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Happy Dia de Muertos!


Written by Dwayne Phillips