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Elemis Skin-Exchange Review

Life… it’s busy and complicated but your skin routine doesn’t have to be. That’s where Elemis comes in with their handy Skin-Exchange Facials, available at John Lewis or Debenham’s Stores. These handy facials can be pre-booked or if you’re spending the day shopping, you can pop in and the gorgeous staff will be happy to help. They’re also on hand to explain all the products Elemis and help tailor your skin regime to your individual needs.

I visited Noellen at Elemis John Lewis and Partners London Oxford Street (W1A 1EX, United Kingdom) for my Skin-Exchange Facial and can certainly say I’ll be back. Facials can cost a lot of money and Elemis’s Skin-Exchange has been designed for busy men and women on the go. In three simple steps, the ELE-essential, ELE-vators and SUPERCHARGERS require just 15 minutes each and are specifically tailored to your individual needs. The results are instant and visible in a minimum amount of time and for a minimum cost. Prices start at only £15.00 per treatment.

Noellen sat me down and explained the Skin Lab procedure to me. Photos are taken on the right side of the face and then the computer analyses spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, brown spots and red areas on the layers of your skin. It’s pretty interesting and slightly scary, how much your skin can be damaged not just by age, but by outside pollutants, the sun, lack of hydration and what you eat and drink. My skin was extremely dry and in need of hydration thanks to a flu, overseas travel and lack of water. Not to mention, it was also the night after a few too many proseccos.

Using the results from this test, Noellen decided the first step was The Ele-sessential to cleanse, exfoliate, treat and hydrate my skin. She began by cleansing the skin of all impurities, before buffing away dead skin cells with exfoliator. This involved using a strange razor to buff away dead skin cells and then using activated with serums, masks and finally moisturiser to leave the skin fully prepared for step 2, the ELE-vators.

This is where your facial becomes more personalised with a selection of BIOTEC bespoke skin solutions tailored to your individual skin concerns. There are six treatments that can be used alone or combined together to target individual skins concerns. Noellen thought All The Greens which combines galvanic currents to decongest, light therapy to balance and re-energise, and Super Food Oil to restore moisture and vitality. This facial treatment promises to leave skin visibly clearer, brighter and more radiant.

To finish off my facial, Noellen then moved on to Step 3… The Supercharges. Noellen chose to use all three treatments for me, as my skin was in dire need of extra hydration. The first was the OXYGEN INFUSION. This helps reveal radiant skin with an infusion of pure oxygen and active skincare ingredients that visibly plump and smooth skin, improving firmness and rapidly restoring hydration. Next was the LED LIGHT THERAPY, which is a powerful combination of red and blue light therapy that helps to stimulate skin renewal and smoothness. It also treat blemishes with its anti-bacterial and skin-calming benefits. Step 3 ended with the ULTRA PEEL, a highly effective vibrational energy that exfoliates and stimulates the removal of impurities and dead skin cells, revealing purified, remarkably smooth skin.

I wish I’d taken before and after photos of my face before the facial, my skin was dry, flat and genuinely looked like horrible. Afterwards, it was plump, fresh, radiant and I just looked healthier. I also felt incredibly relaxed… which I must admit I didn’t think was possible being in the middle of a busy John Lewis and Partner’s Store. You will tune out the other people and the Elemis staff make you feel extremely comfortable.

After my facial, Noellen helpfully discussed some of their products she recommended for myself and other ONIN.London readers to use. She recommends Elemis’ Peptide⁴ Essentials Collection, as it is the essential collection to help synchronize, hydrate and illuminate skin for a well-rested look, day or night. Perfect for people always on the go like me. The full collection is available online or in store now.

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To book visit your nearest John Lewis And Partners Store or Debenham’s Store now.


Written and Facial and in-store photography by Tegan LeBon
Product Photography provided by Elemis