ASK Italian’s Spring Menu

With Spring comes food guilt… Gone is the season where everyone is eating their own weight in mince pies, RIP. But al fresco dining is the best way to spend the warm days, so what is the answer?

To solve this, ASK Italian has thoughtfully crafted a new Spring menu, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal without the added guilt. The menu looks delicious, a range of meat and veggie light pizzas (just 550 kcal each!) Pollo Picante and Caprina with Goat’s Cheese look particularly delicious and each comes with a rainbow salad. There’s also a snappy fresh risotto for those who want to ditch the dough completely and embrace the season of asparagus and peas (with added prosciutto).

It’s not all health and greens though, the deserts look amazing and play on the spring/summer theme. Their lemon tart served with a blood orange drizzle and vanilla gelato, or their smooth white chocolate and almond mousse served on crushed pistachio nuts are enough to make anyone dribble.

It sounds so great that we had better toast to it, maybe even with ASK Italian’s newly extended cocktail menu?


Written by Sophie Perry