Ava May Aromas Review

Mrs Hinch has already discovered Ava May Aromas and now it’s time for us too as well!

Ava May Aromas boss Hannah Chapman started pouring scented candles from her parents kitchen before discovering wax melts via Instagram and brought them into the mix. They became so popular which led to orders flooding in and her mini operation outgrow the kitchen. Since then it has continued to grow.

Ava May Aromas offers a wide range of beautiful products fragranced with dupe scents inspired by popular designer fragrances.

Hannah states “It’s well-known that certain smells can immediately take you back to a place and time in your memory,” says Hannah. “With no foreign travel on the horizon for a long time to come, our fragrant wax melts have the power to remind people what it’s like to be on a warm Mediterranean beach or a tropical shore, without a care in the world – and we all need that feeling, especially in such difficult times.”

So if you’re dreaming about escaping to warmer climates why not try Ava May Aromas wax melts to help conjure up happy memories from your favourite holiday destinations.

Ava May Aromas sent us some amazing smelling melts to sample and I was super impressed! So much so I went out and bought some more wax melts to have my house smelling beautiful!

Our favourite scents include Sea Shells which is inspired by The White Company’s Seychelles. It’s an exotic fragrance that will transport you to a desert island, with notes of warming coconut and soothing vanilla and almond. A spritz of orange lifts the rich amber notes, with the fragrance finished by uplifting bergamot.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin, inspired by a Jo Malone fragrance, recreates a dreamy classic Mediterranean summer’s day, with a twist of lime, a strong hint of basil and aromatic thyme, and the zesty scent of madarin.

And if you want a cultured Turkish getaway,  Adore, inspired by Dior’s J’adore, blends jasmine and ylang-ylang with the famous Turkish Damascus rose to create a sophisticated fragrance.

The ones I purchased afterwards were duped of Rose Velvet Oud, Snow Fairy and Floral Explosion. They smell gorgeous and I’m sure it won’t be long before I buy the whole collection!

With single wax melt discs costing just £2.50, and wax melt packs costing just £5, they’re an absolute bargain!

All fragrances are available in wax melts, candles, room sprays, reed diffusers and aroma oils – see for the full range.

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