Backyard Cinemas Awards Season: Review

bycBackyard Cinema outdid themselves this weekend by hosting the Awards season viewing of the critically acclaimed The Theory of Everything at the spectacular and luxurious Millbank Tower.  The Backyard cinemas ethos of ‘immersive and captivating venues you can watch a great movie with food, booze and all your mates’ was certainly realised this weekend.  Welcomed by a red carpet lined with paparazzi, the smell of fresh popcorn and American style ushers I was certainly captivated by the ambiance and aptly immersed.

The plush surroundings of the Aptitude bar and the very top of Millbank Tower boasted panoramic views of the London skyline while tantalising you with a plethora of cocktails.  In short the experience was phenomenal.

SkyLoft 07

Once ushered into the viewing gallery we were met with plush leather seats and the promises of ice-cream – what more could you ask for. Backyard Cinema whetted our taste buds not only with ice-cream, but with a selection of short films that were imaginative, inspiring and humoured – a definite compliment to the main event.  The Backyard Cinema experience is not a thing that can be given the justice deserved in writing, it simply must be experienced and comes highly recommended.  My first experience and certainly not my last, Romeo and Juliet here I come!

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