Source the Finest Food in Battersea

We at ONIN feel like dining should be an experience. It is all too easy to sit in a busy restaurant, scoff your face, text a bit then leave ready for the next adventure. We also seem to go out and dine far more than our preceding generations. However Source in Battersea puts real joy back into dining, making it feel like a special treat again.

Kris Kirkham

Tucked inside the beautiful Ransomes Dock just off the river Source boasts a tavern like feel yet also hosts modern qualities with some exposed piping and concrete lining the walls. We were shown to our cosy table which was tucked in a little cute crevice and overlooked the water; it was perfect for a catch up natter!

Source 032 - kris kirkham

A nice touch was our waiter looked after us all evening, so with his help we browsed the menu armed with a couple of glasses of beautiful New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

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The menu is a work of art itself! Brimming with seasonal flavours it was lovely to team familiarity with innovation. Sweet potato gnocchi, Scottish salmon and prime steak were a few options on offer however I opted from the Cornish pollock with brussel sprouts, white beans and lovage (a Cornish girl at heart, my uncle taught me lovage is the cure for everything!) and my friend chose the lamb leg, aubergine caponata, ratte potatoes and ricotta. We also had a side of winter greens to add some more yummy veggies to the mix.


Our mains arrived and as both had food envy we split both in half. Oh my goodness how fantastic everything was! The pollock with its crispy skin teamed with lovage laced white beans and crunchy sprouts was divine and perfectly cooked and seasoned. The lamb was cooked to an impeccably melt in your mouth pink. There were little crispy balls of flavour (we forgot to ask what they were but they were amazing for sure!) and the aubergine was combined with a gorgeous tomato sauce. Both were flavour party explosions in your mouth!


After such an amazing main we thought it rude not to try dessert! The menu was refreshingly innovative again and we steered away from our usual ‘chocolate fix’. Upon recommendation of our cheerful waiter we chose the blood orange tart with sesame seed ice cream, we teamed this with the earl grey creme brûlée topped with poached rhubarb. We could help but try a little of the croissant ice cream too just for curiosities sake!


Wow the dessert didn’t disappoint. The earl grey bought a totally new dimension to a creme brûlée cutting through the sweetness and the poached rhubarb was divine. The croissant ice cream was studded with cranberries and went down a treat! The blood orange tart tang was balanced with the sesame see studded pastry. Our only complaint of the whole evening was the sesame seed ice cream, unfortunately the sesame seeds gave a metallic grey colouring and the flavour was rather intense. Not our cup of tea but interesting none the less!


After dinner we were shown around the new private dining quarters beneath the restaurant. Such an amazing space! The high ceilings and dimly lit rooms were reminding of Phillip Pullman’s most recent Grimm Fairytales experience and set the scene for a decadent den. Everything was fashionably ‘old’ and beautiful.


So for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a party Source Battersea is one of favourite new spots. Successfully filling the shoes of their predecessors ‘Ransomes Dock’ Source are putting their own stamp on fine dining in Battersea. Stay tuned for  more from these guys!

Reporter: Aspen Glencross