Barb Jungr – Shelter From The Storm – Featuring Laurence Habgood

Barbjungr smallerTaking shelter from the cool, rainy evening, the warm glow of candlelight set the scene in the basement of Pizza Express – Jazz Club Soho.

The deep shine, shimmering off the instruments waiting to be played reminded me of my connection with live music and provided a familiar feeling of true comfort, like being in your parents front-room .

I decided to sit on a stall by the bar to get a full view, absorbing all the sounds and admiring the skill of every musician on stage including Grammy award-winning
piano virtuoso Laurence Habgood, bassist Davide Mantovani and percussionist Olli Savill.

Barb’s gentle nature touched the audience sending a message of love and kindness.

Barb J

Her voice, so effortlessly flowing over melodies whilst in control of her broad range calmed any previous worries I had carried throughout the day.

The choice of songs from her new album ‘Shelter From The Storm’ shared stories of inspiring moments, taking us on the journey through the stillness of life, including renditions of Bob Dylan Leonard Cohen.

Barb Jungr is back in London on May 1st then she’s off to New York for the last leg of her tour.

She truly is a jazz marvel not to be missed!

For more tour dates around the country, go to:
Twitter: @barbjungr