Review: Goosebumps Alive

Back in the 90’s you’d surely find me hidden under my quilt at night with a torch reading Goosebumps novels. Ghost Camp, Say Cheese and Die, The Haunted Mask… I’d read them all. I’d seen the TV show, heck I even played the game Escape From Horrorland. It’s safe to say I was obsessed with the series. Attending the press launch of Goosebumps Alive on the 13th of April, I actually got to experience the fear and humour of being trapped in a goosebumps novel.

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Situated under the Waterloo Vaults, this spooky venue makes the perfect setting for Goosebumps fans’ childhood fears to become a reality. Upon entering the Leake Street entrance in the Waterloo graffiti tunnel, you are separated into four different groups (snakes, spiders, rats and crows). I was a snake for the evening and this was the path I had to follow. You are then invited to get some liquid courage in the form of beer, cider, wine, spirits or alcoholic slushies. Having sampled both the Abominable Snowman and the Monster Blood, I’d recommend the latter. This tequila based slushy packs a punch and is delicious.

After a few drinks, my friend and I were informed that our 8pm session was about to begin so we were to make our way into another bar to await the start of our show. More drinks specials are on offer here and we tried the Vampire Blood syringe and the Monster Bomb. These drinks aren’t for the faint of heart and the Monster Bomb won’t be a drink I’ll be ordering again anytime soon.

Goosebumps Alive is the brains of Tom Salamon, Gabriel Greene and Samuel Wyer (the designer behind the fabulous immersive theatre production Alice underground) and what they’ve created is a masterpiece. Over 90 minutes we were amazed by the fully immersive theatre experience. The costumes, sets and characters came to life dragging you in the place where childhood nightmares lived. My favourite part of the night had to be the Scarecrow Walks At Midnight scene. The set design really makes you feel like you’re in a creepy corn field about to be attacked by scarecrows.

If you’re ready to get Goosebumps, head down to see the show before it finishes in June. But remember as the tag line goes ‘Viewer beware! You’re in for a scare!’

Reporter: Tegan LeBon ¦ @Toogs1

Website: goosebumpsalive.com
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Photography credits: Alice Pepperell