Barzinho: Soho’s Beautiful Brazilian Oasis

Barzinho 2Based in the buzzing area of Piccadilly Circus, my Wednesday night at Barzinho suddenly felt like a Friday night! Greeted by lovely staff, I was then escorted to the bar to be taught a little bit of Brazilian culture by the ever so bubbly bartender!

We first tasted some wild nuts originating in the vibrant Olympian country to be. These nuts would add a lot more to the next fun tasting experience of freshly squeezed lemon shots.

Following on from the lemon shot, a bite into what I assumed would be a sour taste of fruit lime suddenly became such a sweet taste. I was left amazed by how on point my taste buds were that night!

The Redeemer 2 (1)We then were served the fast selling drink of the night, named “The Redeemer”, a tall glass filled with numerous flavours and accompanied with my most favourite exotic fruit being passion fruit. Yum.

I kindly told the bartender that The Redeemer was a bit too sour for my tongue but nonetheless, the vibe and atmosphere was so warm and vibrant I literally felt like I was partying in Rio!

Live karaoke and Brazilian performance dancers were just a spark above the icing on the cake. I would go here for a birthday, to let loose, to celebrate life even! Nothing but good vibes, great music and tremendous drinks to go with it, with a bit of culture too.

Long live Barzinho!

Barzinho at Archer Street

3-4 Archer Street, Soho


020 7734 3342

Website, Email, @archer_street, Facebook

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 4pm-1am; Fri-Sat: 2pm-1am