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Beauty UK: Product Review

A fashion-conscious UK-based family-run company, creating high quality, affordable products!

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Posh Palette No.2 Masquerade:

This eyeshadow palette retails at £5.99 and is available in three different versions. It features 10 eyeshadows in a combination of matt and shimmery shades to create your favourite look.
The packaging of the palette itself feels relatively strong and heavy which makes it look and feel expensive, despite only being £5.99.

The colours in the palette look quite dull at first glance, but as you can see from the swatches, the eyeshadow shades are stunning.

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Eye Prime FX:

Eye Prime FX is a wonderful eyeshadow primer. The idea is to apply it to your eyelids (and up to the brow bone if you wish) before applying the eyeshadow of your choice. It makes your eyeshadow last much longer than it would normally, and makes most colours appear more vibrant. This primer currently retails for £3.49

The creamy consistency allows the primer to glide gently over the eye area without tugging at the delicate skin. Being a creamy beige colour, it actually looks quite nice alone if you’re looking to achieve a natural look.

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Brow Kit:

This brow kit contains three different shades so you can select a colour or mix and match. It retails at only £3.99 and contains a miniature pair of tweezers as well as colourless wax to tame your brows.

On the underneath of the kit are instructions of how to apply:

“Step 1: Shape and define your brows using the angled brush. Dip into the soft wax and use smooth, angled strokes.

Step 2: Use the soft blending brush to apply the setting powder. This will fill in any sparse areas and lock the brow in place.

Step 3: Perfect your look by using the precision tweezers to remove any stray hairs.”

Try combining the mid brown and dark brown shades together to create the perfect colour for you.

This is the perfect kit for obtaining perfect ‘brows, and for only £3.99 you can definitely afford to give it a go!

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Eye shadow & Eye liner Collection – Smoke Screen:

This palette contains six shimmery eyeshadow shades in addition to two eyeliner colours in black and navy blue. It currently retails at £3.99 and contains a double ended brush for both the liner and eyeshadow.

As you can see, the colours in this palette are perfect for creating the ‘smokey eye’ look.

Underneath the brush is a little mirror, so despite being small in size, the palette actually contains everything you need to create a ‘smokey eye’. The eyeshadows themselves feel light to touch which makes them really lovely to apply as they glide on easily and sit well.

I would definitely recommend using the Eye Prime FX beneath these eyeshadows to create a vibrant ‘smokey eye’ that lasts.

Overall, these products are of a very high quality and are a pleasure to use. The only negative aspect would be the packaging of the eye liner and eye shadow palette which perhaps would be improved by using stronger plastic, similarly to the ‘Posh Palette’. A solid colour lid with a larger mirror on the inside might also be a nice addition. However, with that being said, the products are very impressive and would be an asset to all make-up collections!

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