BOOM-TISH limber up for the Edinburgh Festival at Finsbury Park


Comedy nights are quite a thing in London, a cheap night out where you laugh a load is pretty is appealing whether your broke or earning loads. One host of these comedy experiences is the BOOM-TISH! team (@BoomTish). However they add a pinch of spice to these nights by hooking up comedy with variety acts.

So after hiding away for a while this bunch are back with a BOOM-TISH! bang! Sponsored by BOOST for 2013, the guys have already been touring at the Latitude festival. Their current adventure is the warm up for the Edinburgh festival, so with tickets in hand we went to check out the 22nd July sell out opening night!

Hosted at the recently opened Park Theatre (@ParkTheatre) sat next to Finsbury Park Station (lucky for me I can literally roll out of bed into show) the night showcased 3 comedians I have to admit I hadn’t heard of before. Richard Wilson, Phill Nichols (@PhilNichols) & James Acaster (@JamesAcaster).

2013-07-22 22.21.56

Pretty excited, into the Park Theatre we trotted. The first thing that struck me was the really cool interior, all modern but really kooky. With like books hanging from the ceiling, exposed brickwork and wooden bars it was actually quite a hip East London chic. North London love (not that I’m biased…), steady on Finsbury Park, getting with the times??!!!

2013-07-22 19.14.22

The staff were also really cool, helped us a few times with navigation problems (toilets, theatre, seats…) as Jeni and I looked like mahusive tourists, worst guests ever! No one else kept getting lost it wasn’t that hard.

Sorry so on to the acts. Wilson MC’d, he got the crowd going with a good bag of relatable gags (the horror of when you realise you’ve gotta get off the tube not at your stop to let people off) and a dollop of ‘rudey’ ones, always a winner. He set the scene for Phill Nichol’s unorthodox monologue.

This part was interesting, he was funny (a bit like he was on speed) but I kind of got a little confused by:

a) whether the piece has started, and

b) where the story was going

His intro and story seemed to merge and parts were a little long (it was quite sad, about how his wife had cheated on him!) but he did pre-warn us it was a variety act, and a good stretch of it made the crowd chortle.

But I have to say the next act James Acaster totally stole the show. Quite an unassuming chap crept on stage. Poker faced. Slightly awkward. Brilliantly he played on this ‘uncool’ image and the product left me absolutely cacking myself with laughter. All his jokes left me in stitches and he like told a story with them, the main subject being Yoko Ono.

From explaining how Yoga was just twister practice, to how he wanted to form a Mariachi band. It was pure gold.

James Acaster pic -      Up and coming star!     source@ comedy.co.uk
James Acaster pic –
Up and coming star!
[email protected] comedy.co.uk


Cracking evening BOOM-TISH! Fantastic venue, superb comedians with a splash of variety, loved it. I can safely say I think the whole audience gave it the thumbs up, there was definitely some eager participation! (poor poor chap and his crocs…..) I left with a beasty headache from laughing so much!

I have to say I will be sitting here and waiting for another email, eagerly anticipating the next BOOM-TISH! event I can speed to.

London Love


BOOM-TISH are hosting a series of Edinburgh Festival warm up evenings on the 22nd, 28th & 29th July.

Tickets are only available for both dates as they have been upgraded to a larger space! So no excuse get booking chaps this is not to be missed! But never fear they can also be hired!

£12.50, doors at 7.30pm


The Park Theatre

Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park


N4 3JP

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