Yeah! Burger Hackney Pop-Up

Burgers are big biz in Londontown; restaurants, market stalls, burger trucks and even the odd pop-up. You name it they’ll sell out of it.

The old British public house seems to be quite the desirable spot for a popup, and the guys at Yeah! Burger have decided to set up a trendy burger bar in the even trendier Hackney Wick.

The Star by Hackney pub, now adorned with funky Yeah! Burger stickers, is tucked away on Queensdown Road. The well known local hangout is the new residence for the burger boys, and everything seems to be going rather swimmingly for them!

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We popped down last week to sample their popular wares, and boy it was worth the trip.

Being the indecisive English folk we are our selection consisted of a few items. First a Yeah! cheeseburger lathered in their special sauce, and we also opted for their Po-Po; a pork and apple burger coated in slaw and BBQ sauce. We teamed these bad boys with cheesy fries, Pop Rocks chicken bites and some Elote (corn on the cob for simple folk).

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My first bite into the pork burger was AMAZING! So juicy and the BBQ sauce smothered over a whole peace of Apple really made it. It was just a little bit different to the pulled pork epidemic that has spread throughout London.

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Next we had a nosh on the corned cob, which I have to say when smothered in clarified butter, Parmesan and paprika really tantalises the tastebuds! However make sure you eat while it’s hot, as when it cooled the butter outshone the other subtle flavours.

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The Pop Rocks chicken was a surprising stand out. The chaps coat the chicken in a nutty batter which makes it super dooper crunchy! We were given a cup of Yeah! Sauce to dip the bites in which. The sauce was a creamy Mayo type, which was subtle in flavour. I have to admit we favoured the BBQ and ketchup!

But then the burger. Oh the burger. Juicy pink patty, tangy gherkins and creamy sauce in a soft yet crispy tasted bun. No words. Only sounds.

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What really got us was the attention to little details. The crunchy chicken coating, the fact the cheese in the fries was layered not just sprinkled on top and the toasty glazed buns that gave the whole burger a smoky flavour.

These guys are yet to set up shop, however I don’t believe it will be long. They have a cracking menu, a fantastic brand (with the most charming menu visually I have seen in a long while designed by Jenni Sparks) and a rapidly increasing following.

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Saying yeah! To burger has never been so easy.


Reporter: Aspen Glencross @GollumCrackCorn

 The Star by Hackney

35 Queensdown Road

E5 8NN

 020 7458 4481

[email protected]



Jenni Sparks Website: