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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a business event, the back drop was the Royal College of Surgeons in Holborn. It made me excited as I knew it was going to be a prestigious event and I was not let down!

The event was called Money Mindset Mastery and was run by Noree Makosewe Director of Radical Leap, which is an organisation set to empower and enable people to achieve the best from within, both in business and as an employee.

The speakers on the night were amazing! Not only did they provide some hidden treasures in business from sharing how to get finance in business without a loan! Yes you read right, there was a talk on alternative funding streams for SME’s.  It made me think about all the small businesses that need this information, the event will be on DVD and we will definitely let you all know how to get a copy.

The speaker that really intrigued me was Kemi Johnson, when he opened his mouth I knew he must have a background in the Church. He left the room empowered, motivated and filled us with utter wisdom. He taught us the secrets about “Wisdom Keys”, how to really master your trade by chasing wisdom as oppose to money. It was mind blowing!

I guess the thing I took away from this event was my relationship with money, Noreen discussed how we think of money normally depicts whether or not we retain it. For example if whenever you get money you seem to always spend it, then it’s possible that you have learned negative responses on how money should be treated. As Noreen said “just because you have money doesn’t mean you are good with it”.

This was an awesome event I cannot even explain all that I learnt with the word count that I have, but definitely attend the next event in August; we will be promoting it on the site. Or check out Radical Leaps site at:

Radical Leap

Bee x