Broken Toaster Has Started A Kickstarter

Broken Toaster want to release a six part comedy web series, set throughout history in the coastal town of Rotten Bravestok, which boasts the highest death rate in the entire country. Each episode we explore the fate of two characters and how death has made an impact on their lives in a HILARIOUS way. These stories would be set on the outskirts of the reality we know about, filled with wonder and adventure as well as nail biting twists and turns, with farts, that’s where the comedy comes in.

Tales From The Edge is part of the Look & Bleed series of informative videos and each episode is introduced by The Librarian, played by Marek Larwood (BBC, We Are Klang, Sky 1, YouTube, Real Life). Every week the librarian will pull a new story out from the depths of Rotten Bravestok’s library, with his trusty friend Raven the Raven. It’s Look & Read but without the disgusting children, a lot more humour, blood and of course death.

We launched our YouTube channel in 2014 with a series of 24-hour sketches, where we pushed ourselves and our friendship to the very limit. After these we went on to make a number of sketches, shorts and pilots with combined views of over 25million.

Tales is the result of a collection of shorts that never got made, that’s not to say they’re rubbish, but we’ve never had the money to be able to do them properly. When it comes to producing the web series, we will make sure that every penny raised on Kickstarter goes on screen and will let us take our vision further than we’ve ever been able to before.

Once the web series is complete we will screen it for our loyal backers and then release the series online. After that we will take Tales and pitch it to TV land in the hopes of commissioning a show, another option we’re looking into is filming 2 more episodes and turning it into a series of short films as a feature.

NOVEMBER – Launch Kickstarter
DECEMBER – Pre-Production
JANUARY – Filming
FEBRUARY – Post Production
MARCH – Release