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Browhaus Review

BH Campaign 1Browhaus is the answer to all your facial hair needs. Need your brows to be on fleek? Then Browhaus has you covered. They are listed as the number 1 experts in brow and lash grooming and my visit to their Holborn store had me seeing why.

The girls working there are absolutely lovely and had me a bit more relaxed about threading. Last time I had my brows treaded left me in tears so I was a little nervous about having them done again. I’ve always had my eyebrows waxed but there are a large number of pro’s to threading.

In Treatment 002

Pros and cons of threading

Pros                                             cons

Hair can be threaded out earlier than with waxing or tweezing and it gets the smaller and finer hairs that waxing sometimes misses Can be more painful than waxing (and boy does it hurt)
No redness or swelling.  I’ve received more spots around my eyebrow area where it was threaded
Quick. Takes 3 to 5 minutes for eyebrows.
Last 6 to 10 weeks.
Hair grows back finer than before

Pros and cons of waxing



Quick. Can be painful and tender the whole day after waxing.
Inexpensive, especially for upper lips and eyebrows. Hair has to be 1 cm before it can be rewaxed.
Hair grows back finer than before. Causes redness and sometimes bleeding.
Lasts 6 to 8 weeks.Waxing provides me with more an arch Some are allergic to wax ingredients.

Browhaus know what they’re doing when it comes to threading and my brows went from hairy caterpillars to model-like in no time at all. I wish I took some pictures to show you the massive difference. Some of the before and after images are absolutely amazing.

Lash In Bloom Treatment

I was super impressed with my brows so decided to treat myself to tinted eyelashes during my stay. I have long lashes but unless I’m wearing my mascara, you can’t see them. So as you can imagine, tinting helped dramatically.

BH Treatment Bay 001

Browhause is located at 71 Great Queen Street London, WC2B 5AY United Kingdom, but there are three other stores in London which can be found here ( Threading brows, isn’t the only service Browhaus provides. Waxing, permanent makeup including eyebrow reconstruction and lip definition. Head down to visit the girls at any of the Browhaus’ they’ll be only too happy to help and give free consultations about any of their services.

For more information about their services and products, including price lists visit

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

twitter and instagram: @toogs1