Bunga’s Kara-soaky – Singing in the shower karaoke experience

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower? The acoustics make our voices sound better, it puts us in a positive mood and our solo performances into the showerhead allow us to be free of our inhibitions.

If your inner diva has been waiting to be unleashed since the closing of your favorite bars and clubs, be prepared to channel your inner Queen Bey or RiRi as Bunga Bunga Karaoke is making a splashing return to Battersea this September.

Karaoke crooners would be forgiven for thinking that this much loved social entertainment was about to ‘face the final curtain’. I mean who wants their angelic tones muffled by a facemask? However Bunga Bunga have pulled back the shower curtain to reveal the innovative Bunga’s Kara-soaky – a unique, ‘singing in the shower’ karaoke experience! Three onstage slender, squeaky-clean shower cubicles, installed with spotlights and microphone shower heads with fresh disposable covers provided (the cubicle will be thoroughly sanitised after each performance). So now you’ll be able to slay without the spray, belting out your favourite song in front of a live audience. 

The interior features an Instagramable Italian tiled bathroom complete with bathroom props, including loofahs, rubber ducks and mini bathtub drinking vessels. Tables will be separated by see-through shower curtains to create distinct ‘bathroom bubbles’ for each party. Retro telephones have been installed at each table to allow communication between parties and provide a direct line to the Kara-soaky host for song requests (or friendly heckling). In addition big screens will be spaced throughout the venue to display each performance, so look out for that hotline bling from your cubicle crush.

The Kara-soaky experience will be accompanied by a two or three-course Italian feasting menu including their signature metre long pizzas. There are three menu packages to choose from ‘The Rubber ducky’ £27, ‘Spritz n Shower’£45 (includes Aperol Spritz kit) and ‘The Long Soak’ £68 (includes bottomless Prosecco), each package is accompanied by a welcome drink (great if you need some Dutch courage). What’s more they have extended the EOTHO scheme into September, offering 50% off food and drinks (including alcohol) up to the value of £10 on Friday and Saturday evening bookings.
Maximum 10 guests per party: Grab your besties and head out to London’s liveliest new night out on the ‘bathroom’ tiles. Karoke night will never be the same!

When: Saturday 5th September 2020, and every Friday and Saturday thereafter. Book now here
Website: www.bungabunga.com
Address: 37 Battersea Bridge Rd, Battersea, London SW11 3BA

Written by: Eboni Addoh