Burns night at TT Liquor hosted by Monkey Shoulder.

What a way to celebrate Burns! With non other than Whiskey, haggis and beats!

We arrived at TT Liquor and were handed a drink token with the classic Three Monkey logo of Monkey Shoulder, these monkeys were used to be exchanged for our “Iron Monkey” welcome cocktail made of IRN Bru and monkey shoulder whiskey… Couldn’t get more Scottish then that. 

With the Irn Monkey in hand, it was time to explore the setting for tonight. Dj Santero was on the decks playing some house tunes and the chatter of the guests were adding to the atmosphere. The dimly lit room was brighten up by the orange glow of #makeitmonkey neon above the bar serving nothing but the finest whiskey cocktails.

Lazy negroni, Core Blimey, Tropical Spritz and the Smoky Boulevardier cocktails all had to be tried. The Lazy Negroni being poured from a giant bottle located on the bar was a sight to see as it swung back into place after every serving. Core Blimey – was just that, a mix of Cointreau, whiskey and appetizer. The classic flavors of whiskey and apple. The Tropical Spritz was paradise in a glass. Passionfruit, pineapple and lime. The Smokey Boulevardier was a full on cocktail. One to sipped on. 

After sampling a few cocktails, food was a must. Right on cue the staff brought out what can only described as the perfect pairing with the whiskey cocktails. Haggis and potato pies, Venison pie, Haggis and Bacon Sausage Rolls and a Lorne Sausage Roll. The flaky pastry was going everywhere but that’s what you want from these food items. The best part was at the end of the night, there were some left over to be taken home. The dream for the next day. 

When everyone was full, 3 time world champion beatboxer Ballzee started setting up his drums. The clicking of the dials as he was adjusting the volume was incredible to see. You could hear the changes and couldn’t believe he was just using his vocal cords to make the sounds. Once the drums were set up Ballzee was ready to perform. A set that included the crowd favorite Drum and Bass. The crowd was cheering and all in wonder of how it was even possible to do this. He upped the ante by using two mics. Mind blowing the talent he has. An experience never to be forgotten.

Once the performance was finished. It looked like the night was to coming to an end. It was all an illusion. The brand ambassador Callum was informing us all that the party was moving down to the Cellar bar at TT Liquer. What a change of spaces! The cellar was full of separate rooms filled with monkey shoulder Jenga.

Dj Santero was behind the decks as you entered the main area of the cellar bar. The light was darker here then upstairs however the light show on the wall was a sight to be seen. The movement of the three monkey logo, #makeitmonkey and orange bubbles were almost hypnotic.  

Sadly all things must come to an end. With a Belly full of haggis and Monkey shoulder it was time to head home. 

Thank you Monkey Shoulder, TT LIQUER, Ballzee, Dj Santeroand Oninlondon for a great burns night


Written by Matthew Eddy