Cambridge Dry Gin Review

We recently visited The Cambridge Distillery ( and learnt how they were the first distillery to create a seasonal gins, using only home grown and freshly foraged botanicals to create a Summer/Spring Gin and a Autumn/Winter Gin. Given the continued sell out success of these gins, The Cambridge Distillery knew they had to create a gin which would be available all year round. Cambridge Seasonal Gin has a very limited scale, however, Cambridge Dry Gin can be produced at a  few hundred bottles, rather than a few dozen at a time.

Each botanical is distilled individually, in volumes of less than 2 litres, under vacuum to preserve the freshest qualities. A technique which was created by The Cambridge Distillery and you learn all about it on their distillery tour the next time you visit Cambridge. Botanicals include Macedonian juniper, Blackcurrant leaf, Basil, Rosemary, Lemon verbena, Rose and violet petals and Angelica seed. These gin botanicals are foraged during William and Lucy’s endless seasonal walks with the company’s mascot and third founder Darcy (the Distillery Dog) or home grown in their garden.

The fruit and floral botanicals of the gin are the first thing that hit my nose when I opened the bottle. It wasn’t overpowering by any means and made me excited to reintroduce myself to this gin.Straight, the floral and fruit botanicals continued to be forefront, with a slight lingering spicy aftertaste. I really enjoyed this and could have happily sipped it out without adding tonic water.

The perfect Gin Serve for Cambridge Gin is with mint, quality tonic water and ice. I actually didn’t have any mint while I was taste testing this, but I found it didn’t need the extra garnish to allow the full flavours to come out. It was definitely a very drinking gin and tonic which I could find myself enjoying on a warm summer’s day. It was very hard to remember this gin is a strong 42% as it went it down way too nicely. Make sure you also try Cambridge Gin with Sekforde’s Gin Mixer – they pair perfectly.

A 700ml bottle of Cambridge Dry Gin is available to purchase from The Cambridge Distillery Shop for £45.00 including postage within the UK. You’ll be happy to add it to your gin collection – I know I was.


Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and instagram: toogs1