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Allison Volk- Co-Artistic Director

Allison Volk is one of the very talented international writers of ONIN London’s collaborative short story ‘High Society’.

Allison is Co-Artistic Director of The City Shakespeare Company (City Shakes), based in Santa Monica, California. She is a Shakespeare fanatic and has played Lady Macbeth amongst most other female leads. Their latest production ‘The Merchant of Venice’ opens on March 27th.

To mark the opening of this controversial play they are hosting a red carpet masquerade ball on opening night. Complimentary wine and prizes for best masquerade costumes will accompany the 90 minute performance of ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Watch the trailer here.

Brooke Bishop, co-artistic director, is directing the play and is keen to spark a discussion.

“My hope is that people leave the theatre asking questions. If this play sparks a dialogue, if you leave wondering not who was right and who was wrong, but rather if right and wrong even matter at all, I will be ecstatic, and know we’ve done something worth doing.”

City Shakes are based in an early 20th century warehouse space and their close knit team produce a prolific output of plays. They are shooting a feature film version of Macbeth this summer, in which Allison Volk plays the formidable Lady Macbeth. This will be released into various independent film festivals including Boulder International Film Festival and hopefully The London Independent Film Festival. They also perform scenes from their plays in the street to entertain and engage with those who may not otherwise connect with Shakespeare. Click here for video

If you’re lucky enough to be in California over the next two months, then do check out City Shakes version of ‘Merchant of Venice’ and join the discussion.

Merchant of Venice’ runs from 27th March- 12th April

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm.

Connect with them on Twitter or their website:

Twitter: @CityShakesLA


Website: www.CityShakes.org. uk

Allison is writing a Lady Macbeth type character for ONIN London’s collaborative story ‘High Society’, and it’s not to be missed. Catch up on the latest part here.

Written by Martin Stocks

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