Capital Physio at Gym Box Farringdon Review

GymBox 2Not only does the all-new Gymbox Farringdon which offers dance, conditioning, group cycling, strength training, performance training, a three-lane turf sports track, Olympic sized boxing ring, resident DJs…. They have teamed up with Capital Physio.

Capital Physio will be on site to treat clients, whether it’s treating immediate symptoms or to prevent or manage ongoing issues. I went down there on Thursday evening to test out their sports massage. There are times where I really love this job and getting to review this physio was definitely one of these times.

Walking into Gymbox Farringdon I felt slightly out of place in my day job clothes, looking extremely ragged after a long day at work and battling the tube. But boy was I impressed by the facilities. Australia doesn’t have gyms like this! It was seriously epic. Not just in its extraordinary size but the extensive amount of equipment present in the venue. It was enough to make even the most fitness adverse person in the world want to start exercise.

A lovely staff member took me to the treatment rooms where I was introduced to Adem Sogular, my physio for the evening. After asking me all the required questions about my health and any pains I was feeling, I disclosed that yes I did have pain in my lower back. Given this, Adem focused primarily on this during my half hour treatment session.

Now I’ve been to physios back in Australia and to tell you the truth, I’ve not liked most of them. I’ve felt they haven’t worked on the pain I’ve been feeling and were more interested in having me come back time and time again, costing me more money. Adem though working whatever magic he did, managed to make my lower back feeling brand new after only half an hour.

Every single knot felt like it had evaporated and I felt the most relaxed I have felt in such a long time. I know sports massages aren’t supposed to be relaxing, but despite how hard Adem had to work to dig those kinks out of my back, I could have very easily fallen asleep on that table.
After checking how I was feeling after the massage and giving me sensible follow up advice, my time was up.

Definitely the best way to spend half an hour. My only disappointment was that I hadn’t booked in for a full hour. If I hadn’t already had dinner plans, I would have asked to extend my session.

Make sure call Capital Physio on 033 0333 0435 to register as a client and book your appointment. You won’t regret it.
Capital Physio is located at Gym Box at 12 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7SS, UK
Reporter: Tegan LeBon
Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1