Yolk Caravan

Celebrate the launch of Caravan Coffee at Yolk with 50% off all coffee orders

Caravan Coffee has landed at all 5 Yolk stores with an exclusive blend, and from 15th – 21st January customers can get 50% off all coffee orders to celebrate the launch

 Caravan, the coffee and all-day dining pioneer who has been at the forefront of the roasting and restaurant scene for over a decade, is launching its coffee into Yolk with the introduction of a bespoke coffee blend exclusively available at the fine fast food brand. 

To celebrate the launch, all Caravan coffee orders will be sold at half price across all five Yolk stores from Monday 15th January until Sunday 21st January. Customers will also be able to get their hands on an exclusive blend created in collaboration between Caravan and Yolk. 

Caravan and Yolk have partnered to create an exclusive coffee blend that is full-bodied, smooth and loaded with flavours of toasted nuts, dark chocolate and allspice. Each component is roasted at Caravan’s Roastery in North London, in small batches, and to its unique profile to maximise sweetness and origin characteristics before blending. 

The exclusive blend features coffee beans purchased from farms from two of Caravan’s global partnerships, the farmer’s cooperatives of Cocatrel and Cocarive, both located in Minas Gerais, Brazil. In Brazil, coffee cooperatives are democratically elected, worker-owned entities which pass profits back to their members, alongside additional benefits such as social and financial support programs, training, agronomic services, and community outreach. The blend is processed in the natural style, in which the beans are dried slowly inside the coffee cherry, a technique which imparts greater sweetness and complexity in the final cup.

Coffee has been at the heart of Caravan ever since it started roasting beans in the basement of its first restaurant in Exmouth Market. Caravan has journeyed around the world – meeting craft coffee producers, sharing a cup, then roasting and blending beans to share with coffee lovers around the UK. Caravan now sources coffee beans from across ten different countries, including women’s associations and cooperatives to support their labour in the coffee industry through its Female Producer Programme.  

The partnership between these two influential brands signifies more than just a collaboration, Caravan and Yolk have joined forces to push the boundaries on the coffee landscape. Rooted in shared values of accessibility, social responsibility, and innovation, this partnership promises a comprehensive experience that seamlessly integrates Caravan’s globally inspired coffee roast with Yolk’s commitment to an elevated experience. The collaboration aims to break down barriers to speciality coffee and deliver great coffee, for everyone. 

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