Carnaby announces a new art installation by Kristjana Williams

Carnaby has teamed up with Artist Kristjana Williams to unveil an outdoor art installation, just off Carnaby Street. The piece is part of an exclusive collection of 12 prints created by Kristjana Williams dedicated to our incredible key workers on the frontline.

The displayed artwork is a tribute to ‘the carer’ – the people that provide indispensable care and support to us all 24/7.  The animal-depicted characters are painted in vibrant colours and playful tones, all in Kristjana’s signature style. 

Each artwork features ‘hero animals’ to illustrate the roles including farmers, pharmacists, police officers, cleaners, shop workers, postmen, delivery drivers, refuse collectors, nurses, teachers, doctors and public transport workers. 
The 12 pieces of artwork are colourful, vibrant and joyful, keep an eye out for them when visiting Carnaby, you will find the installation located on the corner of Broadwick St and Marshall St.

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