Carounn 10 Year Anniversary Review

Celebrations are in order for Carounn Gin who are celebrating their 10th anniversary of exceptional gin production. I was very lucky to be invited to the 10th anniversary celebrations and what an evening it was. The event was certainly testament to the professional and exciting Gin distillery. The event was certainly a spectacle and of course was supported by their famous and superb gin which was free flowing.

I learned more about Gin in one night than I have ever before – I didn’t know I could pair gin with so many interesting flavours.

Carounn certainly have a great array of gin with interesting tastes, perfect for any occasion. I was asked what my favourite gin was but it is such a hard choice as all the gins are great and Carounn paired the gins excellently. I would have to choose The highland strength gin at an impressive 54% abv. This crisp and fruity flavoured gin is so smooth and an easy pairing with many mixtures.

If the event is anything to go by then there Gin is certainly of top quality and is definitely worth trying. Trust me… keep an eye out for this Gin. The RRP for Carounn is £28 but it honestly is worth it, so if you have not yet tried Carounn, GET ON IT and thank me later.

Stephen Sperou