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Vivienne Westwood’s Son Joe Corré Exhibits Controversial Artwork in Mayfair Gallery

In 2016, Joe Corré, son of Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, infamously burned £5 million’s worth of punk memorabilia, including “bondage gear, Johnny Rotten’s trousers and a tiny swastika-sporting Sid Vicious doll.” More »

Strictly Ballroom Review

Strictly Ballroom, part of Baz Luhrmann’s classic Red Curtain Trilogy has come to the West End. Bringing with it a parade of sequins, ruffles and feathered dresses – it’s the hottest thing to grace the More »

Miss Nightingale Review

PREPARE TO BE CATAPULTED BACK TO 1940s WARTIME BRITAIN!! ‘Miss Nightingale’ tells the story of a spunky Northern nurse with hopes of becoming a West End Star. With her double-crossing lover, Tom Connor, and her More »

Cocktail Masterclasses at Leicester Square Kitchen

Given this crazy weather London is having at the moment (SNOW IN SPRING!!!), Leicester Square Kitchen is bringing the opportunity to experience the South American heat by bringing you Mexican and Peruvian cocktail masterclasses. You’ll More »

PlayStation 4 Frantics Review

Frantics is a new fun filled addition to the unique PlayLink range exclusive to PS4. PlayLink is all about social gaming everyone can enjoy. PlayLink gives every person the opportunity to join in the fun, More »