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All the way to London Brizzz

I was coming back from Bermundsy on Sunday night and was waiting at the bus stop. A bus (not my one) arrived. An Indian man wearing one of those blue London underground ‘happy to help’ More »

Yoga in the Park (Warning text of explicit nature)

I was just doing a power yoga workout in the park. Towards the end of it I saw a young tubby Indian guy, about 24, dressed in a massive hoody and baggy shorts, walking up More »

Meet the Team: Hi Martin

Name: Martin Stocks Twitter username: Stocks1986 My main passion is screenwriting and I have written for feature films, Sit-Com pilots and stage plays. I spent most evenings in coffee shops working on my More »

The Princess and the Frog Syndrome

Some time ago, I posted the above image on Instagram and although it was written in jest, it made me think the words are riddled in relatable truth. There is an accepted belief that males More »

Occupy London Walking Tours

Occupy London Tours is a free tour company, run by (very well informed!) volunteers, who want to throw open the secretive world of finance and politics for all to see. The tours are designed to More »