CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS EXHIBITION Some Like It Hot – Textiles and Jewellery

‘Some Like it Hot’ showcases the research and practice of staff from the jewellery and textiles design programme at Central St Martins. The diverse range of work is curated through the perspective of temperatures required to fabricate materials hence the name of the exhibition ‘Some Like It Hot’. Designing and crafting textiles and jewellery encompasses transformative processes, which often need to be executed at specific temperatures. This exhibition explores the new ways of making jewellery, textiles and material and reveals the cutting edge techniques of today’s contemporary practice. Go check out their new decorative textile productions, abstract 3D layered fabrics and their hand-cut jewellery. I wonder if they’ll be any Monroe references…only one way to find out!

Exhibitors include Laura Baker; Caroline Broadhead; Philippa Brock; Lin Cheung; Carole Collet; Naomi Filmer; Melanie Georgacopoulos; Chloe Griffiths; June Fish; Katy Hackney; Tansy Hamley; Rebecca Hoyes + Anne Marr; Rebecca Hoyes + Jo PIerce; Kieren Jones; Giles Last; Marlene McKibbin; Maria Militsi; Jo Pierce; Ayse Simsek; Anne Smith; Max Warren. Guest exhibitors include Reiko Sudo, CSM Visiting Professor, from Japan; Kinor Jiang, from Donghua University, Shanghai, + Ryu Xu Kirsten Haydon, from Australia Nicolas Cheng + Beatrice Brovia from Sweden Attua Aparicio, Studio Silo, UK.


Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

EXHIBITION OPEN TO PUBLIC 24th November – 15th December 2017

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Written by Julia Nelson