Dip & Flip Brixton Late Night Lock-ins Review

Starting December the 1st 2017, Dip & Flips Brixton venue is introducing Late Night Lock-Ins! What is this you ask? Well they’ve got a licence to open until the early hours of the morning which means all your gravy and burger cravings can be satisfied after a night out. I mean who hasn’t wanted to have some Dip & Flip after a night out! I know I have.

The Late Night Lock-Ins have a reduced menu to help make it easier for late night diners. Expect burger sliders, 1kg buckets of chicken wings and DIY Dirty Fries…. all with Dip & Flips signature gravy!

Say good bye to Hangovers and Hello to Dip & Flip! Thank you for giving us what we’ve all craved! We enjoyed trying the reduced menu during the press launch and can say, the menu is easy to use. Just tick what you’d like and your wait staff will bring it to in no time at all. Fresh, delicious and full of gravy goodness!

Alon with the great food, during the Late Night Lock-Ins – expect great tunes from Dip & Flips Resident DJ’s. So your night doesn’t have to end when the party stops. For more information about the Burgers, Meats and Beats Menu visit the website and find out how you’ll even be able to book your office’s Christmas party at Dip & Flip.



  • 64 Atlantic Road
  • Brixton
  • SW9 8PY




written by Tegan LeBon