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Coal Drops Yard unveils Flag Art installation from designer Bethany Williams

Flags, through symbolism and design, convey stories and message deep rooted in tradition, history and beliefs. They represent identity, culture, belonging with the power to unite or divide us.
‘All our stories ‘ by fashion designer Bethany Williams is an art installation that’s more than just about bringing vibrant design and colour to the area, it’s about unifying and celebrating community, positive change and transformation, making Kings Cross and the creative hub that is Coal Drops Yard a fitting location for this beautiful and striking flag art installation.
The art installation is based on a collection of intergenerational stories inspired by collaborative storytelling workshops that were conducted with the families from the East London grassroots organisation, the Magpie Project, and London College of Fashion’s Making for Change, a fashion training and manufacturing programme first established at HMP Downview in 2014. Two projects that support and help empower individuals to rise above their circumstances and redefine their stories.
Bethany Williams teamed up with illustrator and artist Melissa Kitty Jarram to transform these stories into a series of illustrations, which have been transposed into a collection of 90 colourful beautifully illustrated flags stretching between the iconic roofs of Coal Drops Yard.
Flying the flag for sustainable fashion, the artwork is just the first life of the flags. Destined for transformation like the people and the stories that inspired them, the flags created from 100% recyclable organic Hemp Slub will be given a new lease of life. Repurposed into a limited edition, unisex fashion collection, which will include shirts and matching shorts, tote bags, masks and accessories. The collection will be sold in Kiosk N1C in Coal Drops Yard and Browns Fashion.
The artwork is a continuation of Bethany Williams, acclaimed fashion collection that launched at London Fashion Week 2021. You can find out more about her innovative unique designs here.

From: 9th July – 5th September
Where: Coal Drop’s Yard, Stable St, London Kings Cross N1C 4DQ

Written by: Eboni Addoh

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