Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini

The team at Strathmashie Distillery has released their newest offer Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini. We love the original Daffy’s Gin so we’re super excited to add this to our collection.

This Martini is the ultimate lockdown/ Christmas treat. Winner of London’s World Best Martini Competition in 2017, this Martini is ready to be served straight from the bottle in the comfort of your own home. Made with Daffy’s pioneering ‘slow-cook’ distillation to create a unique Orange Blossom Gin and vermouth at a 4:1 ratio, this Martini is bottled at the perfect martini ABV of 29.3%.

It is to best served straight from the bottle, ice cold, into your favourite Martini glass with a twist of orange peel to garnish. It is seriously one of the easiest martinis I have ever had the pleasure to drink! The bottle really didn’t last this long as it was absolutely delightful!

Daffy’s Martini retails at just £23.95 and is available to purchase from

Also incorporating the ultimate Martini glass, as featured in the upcoming James Bond film, “No Time to Die”, Daffy’s have created a Martini gift-pack for £37.95 with two stunning art deco martini glasses.

This Bond connection is made even stronger by the fact that many of the scenes in the film were shot in the hills of Strathmashie Distillery in the Cairngorm National Park. While our Martini is more faithful to the original gin based recipe, we think even Bond himself would be proud of this Martini, stirred, not shaken.

An Interesting Martini fact is that the true Martini is supposed to be stirred, not shaken. When you shake a martini, the ice dilutes the cocktail more resulting in a weaker watered down drink, whereas when stirred; a Martini has more intensity which at ice-cold temperature really hits the spot.

So whether you like it shaken or stirred… Daffy’s Martini With Orange Blossom is one you need to add to your collection! You won’t be disappointed