Usually dancing in the streets is reserved for overthrowing dictators and West Side Story, but now there is a new reason to take to the streets; introducing ElectroDash5K.

Nostradamus did not predict this, but on Saturday 20 September, 2014, the sun will not set. The night will be illuminated with a neon glow, strobe lights, and the euphoric sound of Electronica.

The London Excel centre will let its metaphorical hair down. By day a conference centre by night a symposium of sound.

electrodash 2

The track is the music. Attendees will witness projections of dynamic graphic artwork, as the beat transports them through trees that glow all colours of the spectrum, running against a backdrop of other-worldly tunnels of sound and fog.

Warning: this is not a mundane 5k run. It is a new dimension of music. You come, you run, you rave to the sound of electro. At the end of the 5k the sounds don’t cease, runners will be rejuvenated by the joyous scenes of the after party.

The electronic dance music event, Electro Dash, has carved its own niche in America and now it’s ready to transform the UK. The first lasers strike at 7:30 pm.

Tickets start at £35 and runners will receive an official ElectroDash5K T-shirt, a pair of neon glow glasses, an LED bracelet and a mind-blowing experience.

Early-bird tickets are on sale now: 

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