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Dinosaurs In The Wild Review

Following the successful events in Birmingham and Manchester in 2017 Dinosaurs in the Wild opened in Greenwich Peninsula in London in February 2018 originally scheduled to run until July 2018.  Excitingly for the public, this has now been extended through the summer until September 2018 enabling parents to take the kids and family to explore the world of the dinosaurs in this wonderfully immersive experience.

This show’s unique time machine has been set up on Greenwich Peninsula in London and will take families back an astonishing 67 million years to encounter amazing creatures like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops roaming the wild. Londoners will be dive headfirst into an unforgettable experience that, for the very first time, will make them feel as though they are actually there – amongst the dinosaurs, in their world, at their time.

The adventure (along with my wife and two kids aged 6 and 4) began in the main hall where our helpful guide (Reece) completed our safety briefing where the journey back in time in the time machine had an impressive ‘almost 100%’ success rate up to that point with ‘minimal loss of life’ in past journeys. Once the journey back 67 million years was completed we were able to witness a variety of dinosaurs in the wild as we journeyed in our vehicle to the base.

Once at the base along with other visitors, we witnessed a dinosaur autopsy and watched hatchlings emerging from their eggs (with one dinosaur named after my 6 year old – ‘Ethansauras’  – which he still inquires about weeks later.  We also had an opportunity once in the ‘dino lab’ to watch my 4 year old sticking her hands in dinosaur poo, whilst my 6 year old was handed a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. He proceeded to compare it to the size of his own teeth!!  After venturing through a variety of other rooms in the base to the eventual ‘lookout room’, we were able to view the dinosaurs in their natural habitat in all directions before, without ruining things, for one reason or another, a hasty exit is required back to the year 2018.

The experience is interactive and realistic with all ‘dino staff’ keeping the young people and adults alike entertained throughout the tour making us feel as if we really had traveled back in time to  the land of the dinosaurs.  My kids could not wait to tell their friends at school of their scary yet exciting dinosaur experience.

With the O2 centre with (coffee shops and places to eat) within walking distance from the dinosaur experience, it is the perfect way to spend a day out with the family. Tickets for a family of four cost £85.00.



Greenwich Peninsula
North Greenwich
SE10 0PL




Written by Luke Singh

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