The Fellowship & Star is now open

The Fellowship and Star recently opened last month boasting a pub, a plush cinema, a café and a space for comedy and live music.  It’s a great place to have after work drinks or get involved in a pub quiz. If you’re more of a film buff, book yourself into their boutique cinema and watch one of the latest movies to hit the big screen while tucking into a box of popcorn. 

The performance room features a bar, seating and a large stage area for tribute bands. On 19thJuly you can listen to a Johnny Cash tribute band and on 26thJuly, you will find the London Astrobeat Orchestra on stage. 

Coffee lovers will be happy to know they also serve coffee from the independent and local roasters Volcano Coffee in the cafe. You can also get your hands on pastries, light bites and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Fancy a few interesting history facts… famous boxer Henry Cooper trained here before his fight against Muhammad Ali, and Fleetwood Mac took stage to wow the crowd with a musical performance. 

The Fellowship & Star has you covered for all your daytime and evening entertainment! 

Address: The Fellowship and Star, Randlesdown road, London, SE6 3BT

Website: www.fellowshipandstar.co.uk