Eggslut launches huge ‘Superburger’ for National Burger Day – and we’ve tried it

National Burger Day is coming up this Thursday.

If you’ve forgotten to stock up on patties and buns, don’t worry, because Eggslut has released a brand new dish for the occasion and it’s all the burger you’ll ever need.

Introducing: the Superburger.

This limited-edition meal is an upgrade of the brand’s usual cheeseburger and features a brioche bun stuffed with two British Black Angus beef patties, extra cheese, pickles and a fried egg.

You can also add avocado and bacon (we highly recommend doing so).

It’s bigger and better, but it’s not more expensive. For one day only, the Superburger will be sold at the same price as its comrade, at £9.50.

Sure, it’s a tad pricey but trust us, you’ll get your money’s worth. We tried the dish at Eggslut’s Fitzrovia site and the burger is huge – we didn’t even miss the side of fries.

It also happens to be very tasty, with the sweetness of the brioche perfectly complemented by the saltiness of the patties and the bacon.

Everything is also cooked fresh on order here, so no chance of reheated burgers à la fast food chains, which is another plus.

If your dining companion doesn’t fancy a burger, there is plenty more to choose from; from scrambled eggs with chives, cheddar and caramelised onions (go for the Fairfax) or the Gaucho, a sandwich stuffed with Wagyu steak.

The first 10 diners to order a Superburger at either of Eggslut’s two sites in London (the other is on Portobello Road) will also get a free orange juice or Cold brew.

We know where we’ll be come Thursday morning.