Enjoy London’s Iconic Food Festival in Stylish Marylebone

 Nothing says a ‘foodie’s paradise quite like a food festival, and this year, Marylebone Food Festival is returning with delicious vengeance.

From Tuesday 25th April to Sunday 30th April, the elegant shopping streets of Marylebone will entice Londoners and visitors from all boroughs and cities to explore new culinary delights, workshops and menu launches.

Below we’ve rounded up some highlights of the festival:

Rare Coffee Tasting Experience with WatchHouse: Tuesday 25th April, 8am – 10am  

To celebrate the opening of the latest WatchHouse in the heart of Marylebone, Head of Coffee Ryan Garrick will host a one-off in-depth talk and guided coffee tasting experience, where you can explore four world class types (2x espresso and 2x filter) of coffee.

Tickets are £50pp. To book, see here.  

Mezcal Tasting at CavitaWednesday 26th April, 7pm – 10pm

Guided by a Head Bartender, guests will be taken through different mezcals on offer and taught how to identify types and the process of making mezcal. Enjoy some snacks during the tasting, including Botana Totopo chips and homemade salsas.

The tasting is £50pp. To book, see here.

Persian Cooking Masterclass with Naroon: Sunday 30th April, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Discover Persia’s culinary history rich in flavour and spices andlearn how to make some of the most popular dishes of this rich cuisine, including slow-cooked stews known as ‘khoresht’ and elaborate rich dishes layered with herbs, vegetables, pulses, meat, nuts and fruit. 

Tickets are £60pp. To book, see here

Infusions to Fusion Culinary Experience at Home Marylebone: Sunday 30th April, 7pm – 10pm 

Allow Spirits of London to transcend your night with liquor and luxe. Mixing health and happiness, indulge in Rhubarb & Blackberry SOE Gin Cured Salmon alongside a Thai Beef Salad with bourbon glaze while you top it off with Tiramisu — featuring an alcohol-infused nod to Nutella brandy ganache. Or a fruity Vodka Posset. 

 Tickets from £50pp. To book, see here

Matcha Tasting with TAKA: Duration of the festival between 6pm – 10pm each day

TAKA Marylebone and Lalani & Co are collaborating to present a relaxed matcha tasting experience. The single-varietal green tea, brewed at a precise 40’C, is ideally paired with TAKA’s rich and flavoursome Toro Taku Hosmaki to unwind and relax.

Teas from £4.50. To book, see here.  

Tasting at Rococo ChocolatesDuration of the festival between 6:15pm each day

A leading chocolatier will guide guests through the world of Rococo to learn more about chocolate’s incredible variety from a praline to a ganache. Once finished, visitors can indulge with a £10 voucher to spend in store. This experience lasts 15 minutes.

The tasting is free. To book, see here

As well as the mouth-watering events above, we would encourage a visit to Caldesi, the gorgeous local Italian restaurant with so much character, you’d think you stepped into Little Italy. Inspired by restauranteur and Celebrity Chef Giancarlo Caldesi, the menu boasts Italian classics with an elegant West London flair.

From a deliciously rich French Onion Soup served in an actual onion (!), all the way to King Prawns in a spicy ‘nduja sauce which makes your tongue tingle with the delicate spice, the starters are a must order. Main dish highlights include a creamy, indulgent Tonnarelli Cacio E Pepe and a Fettucine Toscane with Tuscan fennel-seed sausage, wild mushroom and rich cream. Visitors will also be shamed out of the door if they don’t leave room for dessert (in the best way), and the Tiramisu is an essential.

The restaurant also has its very own Italian Cooking School, La Cucina Caldesi, where guests can learn the fundamentals of cooking with guest chefs. On the final day of the festival, the team will be hosting two masterclasses; an Italian themed masterclass with Caldesi in the day, followed by a Persian themed masterclass with Naroon in the afternoon. 

Don’t miss out on exploring these rich and vibrant culinary experiences this week.

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Written by Kara Buffrey