25th Anniversary Of Aladdin

This year is the 25th Anniversary of Disney’s classic, Aladdin. To celebrate ONIN.London visited the Prince Edward Theatre to see this live action musical be brought to life. Before the show, we spent the evening at the Union Club reading about the history of the London. It really got us in the mood to see Aladdin, especially with the free flowing mojitos!

Arriving at the theatre, the atmosphere was electric. People were excited to see Aladdin and we were among them. Checking out the gift shop and finding the items were reasonably priced we pretty much brought one of everything. Genie teddy bears, Jasmine Tea Sets, Magnets and Key Rings…. Disney made it’s money off us.

The visually pleasing cast consisting of  Matthew Croke (Aladdin), Trevor Dion Nicholas (Genie), Jade Ewen (Jasmine), Leon Craig (Babkak), Daniel de Bourg (Kassim), Miles Barrow (Omar), Don Gallagher (Jafar), Nick Cavaliere (Iago) and Irvine Iqbal (Sultan) were all fantastic. We were a little bit in love with all of them by the end of the show.

Mathew Croke as Aladdin was born to play Disney’s poor boy turned prince. Though it is Trevor Dion Nicholas as The Genie that steals the show. He had big shoes to fill and he does a job that Robin Williams would be proud of. He was on point from start to finish and its almost if the show should be named after him, rather than Aladdin.

This show is pretty true to the original movie with the addition of a few new numbers. The dramatic ending is where something extra is needed as Jaffar’s demise feels a little anticlimactic with the ending happening too quickly. It’s either this or we just didn’t want Aladdin to finish as the whole show is incredibly insane – from the sets, songs, costumes, dance numbers and cast. This makes it easy to overlook the panto feel to the show especially as everything is top notch!

So let Aladdin ‘open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride’. Book your tickets now.




written by Tegan LeBon

photos by Johan Persson