Flat Iron Steak: Denmark Street Review

Do you know what always cheers us up on a chilly, dark, rainy evening?

A coat, an umbrella, a gerbil powered electric heater?

A steak?

Not the most conventional answer we admit, however if you’re any sort of steak lover you definitely need to pay a visit to Flat Iron’s newest opening. Tucked away on Denmark Street right behind Tottenham Court Road tube, ‘Flat Iron Steak the second coming’ launched this summer. The newest steak sibling is far more intimate than the bustling Beak Street branch, and ideal for everything from a first date to a business lunch.

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So what’s on the menu?

Flat Iron Steak prides itself on sourcing their meat directly from their own Flat Iron herd based in North Yorkshire, which means you can be sure that the meat is of the highest quality. The staff even have trips to meet the farmers, and the cows of course!

Flat Iron serves the ‘flat iron’ steak cut which is sourced from the featherblade of the cow. However last week they had a couple of specials (which change regularly). One was the burger; a deep fried, béarnaise sauce smothered, caramelised onion fiend. They also had the bavette; a cut from the cow’s flank with a little more ‘bite’. While we pondered the menu we sipped on a couple of yummy cocktails/lime and mint mocktails which looked rather awesome when instagrammed with the pepper grinder!


After thought we plumped for the steak and the bavette as Flat Iron’s ‘steaky’ reputation preceded them. Both came served on a warmed stone slab, and the guys supplied you with one of Flat Irons branded mini cleavers to chop away to your heart’s content. Before you’re tempted to slip one in your bag to take home as an evening souvenir there’s a polite plea on the menu asking you not to nick them (apparently you’d be surprised how many go walkabouts!). The cleavers are actually available to buy for £10; just be careful not to brandish it about on the bus home or you could find yourself banged up for 5 years for disturbing the peace!

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The steaks were both extremely tender. Our flat iron was rather pink, so just be aware when ordering that it may be a little rarer than expected! We teamed our meat with a perfect peppercorn sauce and the creamy béarnaise sauce which caused severe salivation!


We selected 3 additional sides; dripping cooked chips (gorgeously indulgent), creamed spinach (luxuriously creamy with hints of nutmeg) and the roasted Aubergine (layered with tomato and béchamel sauce) topped with parmesan and a cute tin of green lambs lettuce. All of which were eclectically complimenting.

For £10 a steak (£15 bavette) and £2.50-3.50 for sides, the restaurant is amazing value. It’s certainly worth stretching the budget for their signature and only dessert; a salted caramel sundae which at £3.50 isn’t going to strain the purse strings. It was delish! With a choice accompaniment of Hot Madagascan chocolate sauce or Vanilla bean & Van Winkle Bourbon syrup. We of course chose both in order to maintain journalistic balance, and didn’t even slightly regret it.

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Aside from the food the interior is stupendous! The back room reminded us of an Italian courtyard straight out of a scene from Romeo & Juliet.

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All in all a great meal, with our ethical credentials intact and approx. £25 per head. The only criticism is lack of hot drinks, which is a shame as we would have quite like to have an after meal coffee. Gold star for Flat Iron, we’ll will be back…..


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Flat Iron Steak

9 Denmark Street




Natasha Semmence

Aspen Glencross