Foxhole Gin Review

I was invited to a Foxhole Gin and Cheese Pairing night, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend. Luckily Foxhole Gin sent me a bottle of their London Dry to review. Their gin is distilled using English wine grapes, with a fermentation and distillation process that results in a beautifully balanced spirit. They recommend pairing this with cheese… of course they didn’t have to tell me twice as cheese and gin are the way to my heart. Applewood cheese was my favourite pairing with the straight gin. The smokey flavours of the cheese, made the gin just pop!

Foxhole Spirits, the company behind Foxhole Gin was started in 2016 by James Oag-Cooper and Sam Linter. We love the fact that gin is a sustainable product created using rare and valuable by-products from the Sussex grape harvest. The unused juice is pressed from the grapes before being fermented and distilled, a process which helps to reduce wastage from the wine industry and helps to make Foxhole Gin beautifully balanced, smooth and aromatic with flavours that subtly change with each new harvest. Due to this, the bottle is designed to mimic a Burgundy-style wine bottle. The bottle is then screen printed by hand with a copper metal ink design of vine leaves and a gorgeous fox taking center stage. Now I love foxes so this is a gin I wanted to add to my collection… purely just for the bottle.

The gin itself has the classic Gin botanicals of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Liquorice Root, Bitter Orange, Lemon Zest, Grapefruit Zest and Angelica Seed. The result is a classic London dry gin that is smooth and easy to drink. While the gin was quiet floral, the bitter orange was the botanical that stood out the most while trying the gin straight.

The perfect serve is included below. We recommend using the Pink Grapefruit Zest as I found the rosemary to overpowering.

Foxhole Gin & Tonic


50ml Foxhole Gin
150ml Premium Tonic Water
Pink Grapefruit Zest to bring out citrus characteristics
or Rosemary to bring out floral characteristics


Begin by chilling glass with ice. Add the Foxhole Gin and Premium Tonic Water. Squeeze some pink grapefruit zest over drink and add pink grapefruit zest twist into glass.

Foxhole Gin can be purchased online for £39.99. It certainly is an intriguing gin to add to your collection.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @foxholespirits

Written by Tegan LeBon