Peppa Pig World Review

Now I understand why Paultons Park has won TripAdvisor’s best-rated UK amusement park for the second year in a row! Paultons Park, which is the home of Peppa Pig World is PEPPAPIG-TASTIC!

Peppa Pig World is full of all the amazing characters we see, (on daily basis for some of us) on our TV screens. But now having the chance to enjoy a day out with Peppa Pig, George, family and friends, is beyond thrilling! Peppa Pig and the various characters are dotted around ready for selfies and pics, and boy did I take that opportunity, with AND without the kids…hey I guess I’m fan too. We also had the joy of meeting and taking pictures withZoe the Zebra, Peppa Pig, and George “in the flesh faux fur”! We (the kids AND I) actually behaved like we were meeting celebrities.

So our first ride was on the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride. This was the best ride to start with, as it takes families of all ages on an unforgettable tour. The ride starts from the top of the Queen’s Castle and offers an impressive bird’s-eye view of the park, which gets the kids eager to point out the rides that they fancy going on next.

I’m all chirpy and chipper now, but I must admit, I did begin the day as a sceptic. My 10-month son is use to being a spectator at theme parks and funfairs, so I thought that would be our experience at Peppa Pig World also. But yes, you’ve guessed it, I was pleasantly surprised, over- joyed and all those other happy descriptive words rolled into one. At 10 months, he was able to enjoy a good number of rides, which made my day. Through all his clapping, jumping and giggling, I could work out that he appreciated being on the rides too. And there was more than enough to keep him entertained for the whole day.

One of our favourite rides as a family was Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, the kids got to play captain! With sounds of ahoy captain and steady on me hearty, coming from the adults and I (you can tell we’re big kids). It definitely ramped up the fun levels! We got to splish, splash and laugh out loud, it was a lot of fun.

Our last stop in Peppa Pig World was at George’s Spaceship Playzone! This was just perfect. There is a café, softplay area for under 2’s, slides, ball zone, and many other different spaces and levels for older children. It’s a great place to hang out and play in doors, it’s an entertaining and proactive hideaway from the rain which thankfully didn’t show its face on our visit.

Paultons Park is truly a ‘Family amusement Park’! I’m in love and will be returning.

2018 tickets for adults and children one metre tall and over start from £29.25 when booked in advance online, and children less than one metre enter for free.



  • Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World,
  • Ower,
  • Romsey,
  • The New Forest,
  • Hampshire
  • SO51 6AL


Written by Sandra @grace_and_king