Fun and Frolics with Peachy Face

When was the last time you put down all electronic devices and let your hair down with some good ol’ fashioned fun, playing with Lego, getting yourself into funny positions playing twister or even painting with acrylic paint? If it’s taking you a while to remember a date, then its time to invest in some fun time!

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Peachyface is a new pop-up events company based in London offering play experiences for adults, transforming them back into a time of childhood games, reaping the benefits that is lost with today’s busy schedules.

Play is vital to social bonding, cognitive development and life satisfaction, offering great benefits for health and well-being. Playtime can alleviate stress, and bring out the more playful and creative side.

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We went to the launch party of Peachy Face, which took place at the Vinyl Factory in East London, we were welcomed into a room full of different activities, immediately we headed to the first activity of balancing on a circular disc, shortly after we got stuck into making model Lego houses and spaceships, Oh the days of lego building!

We then tried our hand at creating art with pipe cleaners and even started writing a story which we left for the next person to add to, after all two minds are better than one.

We got talking to the organisers who encouraged us to try all the fun things in the room, one being write a grown up problem on a balloon and just POP it. Yes you heard right, stick a pin into it, and I tell you what it was liberating! No one to tell you off, just applause and laughter, from grown-ups. In fact everyone was so friendly, we even made a few friends on the night.

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We highly recommend heading on down to a Peachyface event and letting your hair down with some serious PLAY TIME. The night promises something for everyone, you can attend with a mate or on your own (you are guaranteed to meet people on the day)

Thanks Sarah Peachey (founder) you certainly brought massive smiles on our face and we left highly stimulated and ready for the next play date!

To find out when their next play date is, visit their website – http://peachyface.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peachyfaceplay

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Peachyface_

Instagram: https://instagram.com/peachyface_/


Written by Nyla Sammons

Photography by Gabriel Lovas