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Get Cheryl Cole’s Style

One of the Nations favourite Geordies, singer and ex X Factor Judge (Bit of a tongue twister there) that could only mean one person right?..Of course! It’s the lovely Cheryl Cole.
Cheryl is one of those ladies who never fails to look good in whatever she’s wearing, oozing confidence and just overall someone whose fashion sense we envy. Whether she’s rocking up in a glamourous dress on the red carpet for an event or just wearing  casuals while she’s out and about. No matter what, she’s always on trend and on point with her fashion choices. All round glamourous and popular with the lads we ask, just how does she do it?!

I’ve been taking a look into Cheryls style and showing you, how you can too get her style.
Cheryl cOLE
Wow, three popular trends in one! Monochrome, Floral and a neccessity in the Autumn/Winter months the winter warmers.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl’s a huge fan of big chunky bracelets and is often spotted wearing them, again continuing with the currently popular top trend; Florals.
Neutrals are a big hit with Cheryl too. Neautral colours range from Nudes, Tan, White, Greys, colours like these.
So I found some finds out there, to shop the trend!
Cheryl ColeCheryl COle
So Cheryl has to be one of our favourite Style Crushes at the moment. Which Celebrities Style are you currently crushing on?

Written By Sammy

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