Get your baking goods from GAIL’s

It’s no secret, finding flour and yeast in a supermarket is near impossible nowadays, yes the UK has gone baking bonkers and to be honest we don’t blame you all. Stuck indoors all day can be hard, and baking at home has created some joy and happiness for many, however finding the goods to bake isn’t as easy as it use to be. Last week we saw most of the GAIL’s bakeries open up for takeaway and click and collect. Which means you can get your coffee fix along with buying fresh bread and sweet treats. But if like me you’re still seeking flour because you’ve been bitten by the cake-bake-at-home bug, then the good news is GAIL’s is now selling baking ingredients! You can get flour, eggs, sugar and even yeast!

We were gifted some baking goods from GAIL’s, and got to work the following week, baking bread, alas the bread came out a little dense (disclaimer it was our first time making bread).We aren’t giving up though, next week we shall attempt to bake our second loaf and if that goes terribly wrong, we will stick to baking easy cakes and heading out to GAIL’s to buy fresh bread. Win-Win.

Check their website for the bakeries that are now open:

Written by Nyla S.