Go Hard or Go Home at The Arches, Ministry Does Fitness


The ‘Fearlessly Authentic’ event at the Ministry Does Fitness studio commenced with a workout like no other. Ministry Does Fitness coach Laura Hoggins is a diehard advocator of strengthening and conditioning workouts and believes that ‘nothing looks as good as strong feels’. Strong is sexy we all know that.

Laura’s new 50-minute strength and conditioning class is an unforgettable experience and her expertly created playlist of motivating beats really psyches you up for movement. In Laura’s world she asks the question ‘who doesn’t want to build a strong, lean and powerful body?’ We know we do.

We’ve always thought that exercise needs to be more about the experience, having fun and loving what you’re doing and this is exactly what this class is all about. Here we got lost in the music, challenged ourselves, worked hard, trained smart and recovered harder. And true to the name of the class we got LIFTED.

After our class we rehydrated with protein shakes at the bar. Our favourites were ‘Bitch Don’t Kale My Vibe’ made with pineapple, kale, chia seeds, blueberries, apple juice & ginger, ‘Diet Starts Tomorrow’ made with strawberry puree, cottage cheese, lemon zest, cashew nuts, almond milk & vanilla whey protein and ‘Drop The Beet’ made with dragon fruit, beetroot, pomegranate & apple juice.

Joining us, post-workout were Connie Simmonds (Make-up Artist & Beauty Blogger) and Toral Shah (Founder of The Urban Kitchen). Connie, Laura and Toral delivered a powerful discussion on how they believe you can harness your strength from the inside, and demonstrate this on the outside. In the world of social media, selfies, filters and constant comparisons, they believe we should be searching for happiness and wellness from within without seeking the acceptance and approval of others. The message we’re taking is to ‘be fearlessly and authentically yourself’. Can you hack it?

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Written by Julia Nelson