Corona SunSets Festival Review


After completing our preview for Corona SunSets Festival, I knew we were in for a fun-filled day but this festival exceeded all my expectations. For a relatively small festival, Corona SunSets was jammed packed with cool and unique things to do. There were hammocks to relax in, a silk screening stationwhere you choose a design to go onto a T-Shirt or singlet which was yours to keep, a booth in which to decide between temporary tattoos or face paint, a view tower giving a 360°panoramic view of the London skyline, plus a wishing flag arch upon entry and all of this on a glorious sandy base throughout the festival. I spent most of the day barefoot enjoying the sand between my toes and felt right at home again.

Although this summer festival delivers a beach theme, unfortunately London did not hold up its end of the bargain with rainy weather throughout the entire afternoon/evening.Corona SunSets were prepared with staff handing out free ponchos all day and the addition of 2 extra tents close to both stages allowed the fun and dancing to continue. I thought this last-minute thinking added to the overall great hospitability of the whole event. Staff on the day did not disappoint and went above and beyond to help. IMG_7048

The DJs throughout the afternoon kept the vibes up despite the rain and the SunSets ritual performance was a unique experience I’m glad I witnessed. Dancers, drums, fireworks, flames and music what more could you ask for really.

Corona SunSets welcomed Onin London with open arms and delivered us an experience like no other. The hospitality area delivered delicious cocktails and refreshing coronas all in a lovely island cabana feel. The massage was an outstanding addition to my afternoon easing all the tightness of the work week and getting you ready and limber to dance.

Being my first central-ish London festival, Corona SunSetsnow sets the bar for future music festivals I attend and it is one high bar. I will definitely be returning next year and hopefully this time the London weather cooperates too. Keep an eye out on out on www.coronasunsets.com for next year’s ticket sales or join the festival at one of the 8 other destinations around the world.

Written by Daniel Brodie

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