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Graphic Bar is a delightful bar in central London and one that I’m sure I’ll be making a regular monthly trip to. On the first Monday of every month since April 2015, Graphic Bar hold a Gin Social. This night is for Gin Enthusiasts to get together and sample Gins from new and established Gin Distilleries. After attending March’s Gin Social, it’s no surprise that it’s so popular. There’s not too many bars in London when you can pay under seven pounds and get to sample Gin, drink a welcome Gin and Tonic and a Gin Cocktail. Tickets for the Gin Social are available through EventBrite.

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March’s Gin Social was used to promote Pink Pepper Gin. The evening was spent learning about the company Audemus Spirits, how Pink Pepper Gin was created and what made this Gin so unique. Using 9 different Botanical ingredients ( Pink Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Juniper, Black Cardamom, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Honey and two secret ingredients), each which is individually distilled in a glass still then added to the base spirit. This gin was certainly unique and a pleasure to taste straight, in the Gin and Tonic (which was surprising for me as I’m not a G&T drinker) and an amazing Gin cocktail created by the talented bartenders at Graphic Bar. I even got to sample a limited addition of Pink Pepper Gin called “Old Ma’s”. This is the Pink Pepper Gin, the owners of Audemus spirits placed in a Port Barrel for six months. Only 400 bottles of this batch was created and is available at Harvey Nichols.


The Gin Social made for a very entertaining event and made for an enjoyable evening. If Gin isn’t your thing, Graphic Bar do have food and other drinks available including their famous Paint Tin Cocktails, which I’m yet to have the pleasure of tasting. Though if Gin isn’t your thing, coming along to the Gin Socials will definitely help change your perspective on this classy spirit. Graphic Bar are also doing a repeat of their Gin Battle from last year where 16 Gin Brands enter a battle to be crowned the winner of the best Gin Cocktail in London. Tickets for this event which starts in April will be on sale soon.

The following five months Gin Socials will be held on:
09 MAY 2016: BOODLES
04 JUL 2016: NO.3

Reporter: Tegan LeBon ¦ toogs1

Graphic Bar

4 Golden Square