Hard Rock At Home

Hard Rock Cafe has launched their first ever Hard Rock at Home meal kits. These are boxes of the classic fare Hard Rock Cafe is renowned for delivered straight to your door for you to cook.

We ordered The Ribs Box which contains:

• 2 racks of smoked Baby back ribs

• 80 Oz BBQ sauce

• Hard Rock’s famous Love All seasoning

• Coleslaw

• 2 jacket potatoes

The baby pork ribs are made from quality Danish pork on Danish farms who are committed to sustainability.

The meal was so easy to make that even I, as someone who sets the fire alarms off each time I cook, was able to manage it (I’m very proud I didn’t set the alarm off). All you need is an oven, tray, mixing bowl and utensils which most of us have in our kitchens.

The cooking instructions are very simple and divided into sections for each part of the meal. First, preheat the oven and cook potatoes for 35 minutes, meanwhile mix the cabbage and carrot mix with the dressing and place in fridge. For the ribs, coat in the BBQ sauce then place in oven for 15minutes, coat again before putting in the oven for another 10minutes, then coat again and add the seasoning mix. Serve whilst hot, add a knob of butter to the potatoes and top with coleslaw (or have it on the side).

The potatoes (which are pre-rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper) were so fluffy whilst the ribs combined a sweetly, tangy, smoky flavour. We couldn’t get enough of the deliciousness of the ribs.

The kit costs £26 for two people or £52 for four people. The shelf life is 48 hours and unfortunately is not appropriate for home freezing.
The home box is available national wide from Plate Away at






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Written by Caitlin Neal