Have you been ghosted?

Ghosting: The practice of ending a personal relationship suddenly, and without explanation, withdrawing from all communication.

It’s fine – you can admit you’ve been ghosted and you’re not alone…

– 82% of women and 71% of men have been ghosted in some form (either being the ghoster or ghostee)
– The rise of social media has led to less organic human interaction than ever before
– There has been a rise in anxiety, commitment and relationship issues
We have the remedy. On the 31st October, Puttshack, will hold its ‘Give Up The Ghost’ party, turning its Lakeside and White City venues into bespoke ghosting clinics and inviting those unlucky in love to recover.

This Halloween a ghosting clinic is launching at Putt Shack to help ease the pain of being ghosted or even worse, dare we say it, being Caspered.

The ghosting clinic will provide sufferers with:
– A safe haven to discuss their worries with experts at each course to take you through all the stages of denial after you’ve been ghosted
– Your love potion or poison antidote cocktails (see imagery below)
– Cocktail drips and hospital beds for the ultimate pre or post golf recovery

– An expert who can, in between putts, advise you on the 9 different stages of ghosting denial.
– And of course, the best mini golf experience which has been proven to help ease those anxious feelings.

The event will have the best DJs playing throughout the night to keep guests happy and away from the ghosting blues to help complete your full recovery. From your Sunday Night Fever to First Date Jitters cocktails, we’ve got your Halloween drinks covered!

– Puttshack White City – Westfield, Ariel Way, London W12 7HB
– Puttshack Lakeside, The Quay intu, W Thurrock Way, Grays RM20 2ZP
– Date: Thursday 31st October
– Time: 7pm – 12am
– Sunday Night Fever Pampero, pumpkin puree, lime, sugar
– First Date Jitters Spiced rum, Campari, Kahlua, cherry brim, lime, passion, pineapple juice
– Hello? Are you there…? Ketel one, Drambuie pineapple, lime juice, sugar
– Call Declined Fizzy cola, candy infused Tanqueray, plantation pineapple, pineapple juice,
lime, coke, demerara syrup

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