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The HuGG Co launches Luxury CBD Spa treatments at Threads & Co

The HuGG Co who offer a range of CBD beauty products recently teamed up with Threads & Co, a salon in Kensington to launch a selection of CBD spa treatments.

The HuGG beauty ranges are derived from a wide range of natural extracts Hemp Extract, Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Watermelon extract, Vitamin E combined with an infusion of Cannabidiol Cannabis compound (CBD).

There has been a lot of hype over CBD products, so it’s no surprise that you can now get a massage with CBD oil. It is said to relive pain and improve memory, digestion and sleep.

I headed on over to Threads & Co to experience the deep tissue massage using the new HuGG Massaging Body Oil with 50mg CBD, CBD oil is great for maintaining healthly skin when ingested and when applied on the skin. My therapist was great in massaging my back and realeasing some of my knots. The oil felt good on my skin and my therapist raved about how happy she was to be using CBD oil when massaging her clients. My therapist was friendly and was great in giving me tips on how to maintain better posture, along with exercises that helped with the pain I have in my neck and shoulders. The cost is £120 for an hour.

The HuGG treatments available in Threads & Co also include: CBD Facials, manicures and pedicures. The HuGG also recently launched a new range of skincare which include: bath salts, a coffee body scrub, massaging body oil and a gym fit cream. The gym fit cream has certainly caught my attention, its said to support your fitness regime in helping to help soften tight areas. lot of times I leave the gym having not stretched enough or just overdoing it and then later feeling how painful and tight my muscles are the next day as a result. So I shall be certainly checking out the gym fit cream!

To view their full range of products you can visit:

Address: Threads & Co, 256 Kensington High St, London

Written by Nyla S.