Have you tried Knoops Iced Chocolates And Milkshakes Yet?

Knoops (, the UK’s first dedicated chocolate drinks brand, is ensuring you have the perfect chocolate drinking experience this summer with its in-store ranges of Iced Chocolates and Milkshakes. The brand is also encouraging Knoops fans to #ShakeYourFlakes at home with its dedicated Shaker (£25.00) and a choice of different chocolate percentage flakes.

I was sent one of the shakers and 54% dark chocolate flakes to make this at home. Now I love a hot chocolate and a chocolate milkshake, but can find that they sometimes taste ‘gritty’. Luckily with Knoops…. This is not the case. The deliciously velvet chocolate is utter perfection and my now go to chocolate drink.

How can you try Knoops? Well in-store visitors can choose from a range of Knoops’ chocolate percentages to create their own bespoke cold chocolate drinking experience. There are six different types to select, from a sweet, creamy 28% White all the way up to the deep, rich cocoa flavour of the 96% Extra Dark. In between, there’s a 34% Milk Chocolate which is a fine balance of rich cocoa and milk, with notes of caramel.

Rich and creamy, Milkshakes are made with Knoops soft serve ice cream and a choice of six chocolate percentages. Available in 10oz and 14oz (£4.95 and £6.25).

The Iced Chocolate drinks are a lighter, chilled option made with a choice of six chocolate percentages, topped up with dairy or plant-based milk and poured over ice. Available in 10oz or 14oz (£3.50 and £4.55).

Any Iced Chocolate drink using 54% chocolate or above can be made vegan with the addition of plant-based milk.

Each visitor to the store can also experiment with Knoopology – the art of crafting the perfect chocolate drink. Flavourful add-on combinations that are hits in the summer include a 28% White Iced Chocolate with lime, a 34% Milkshake with sea salt or a 54% Iced Chocolate with orange zest.

Knoops has stores across the UK in the following locations: Rye, London (Richmond, Kensington and Chelsea), Brighton and Oxford.

Those wanting to enjoy the iced chocolate experience at home can purchase their favourite chocolate flakes from,alongside a special Knoops Shaker (£25.00), which comes with easy-to-follow instructions to make iced drinks at home.

The Knoops online store also sells the Knoops recipe book which features  40 drinks and 20 dishes, all created using Knoops chocolate flakes and ingredients found in most kitchen cupboards. Summer highlights include a Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad and Suzy’s Knickerbocker Glory.