Hippodrome Casino

I must admit a casino is really not somewhere my friends and I would end up on a Friday night. I think we have preconceptions of men at tables and it all being a bit seedy.

However after visiting the Hippodrome last Friday we were really quite surprised. Not only home to Blackjack, Poker and Spin the Wheel (amongst others) the casino also houses a couple of bars, the Helicot Restaurant and even a theatre!


We began our journey with the amazing Heliot Restaurant (check out our review here!) where my chum and I enjoyed a luscious meal for 2!

Then as the floor was super busy we headed down into the 1950’s style decadent drinking den ‘Lola’s Underground Casino’ and tried our luck at Blackjack. En-route we took a few snaps of the interior, which even included a barber chair in the corridor and GHD straighteners in the toilets! Apparently we found our forte in Blackjack, as the whole table started winning! However after a time our chips dwindled and it was nearing 11pm. At this point we headed to the Boom & Bang Circus down in the theatre on the 2nd floor.


The circus was cool, a little unconventional, but cool. The show’s host was an engaging drag queen whom kept the show rolling and sauntered throughout the audience chatting to guys and lounging over audience members laps. There were some more comical acts (Kitty Bang Bang and her nipple tassels & a Russian slightly overweight ballerina) peppered with some absolutely breath-taking ones (a chap who could hold himself still on a chain and a duo that span through rings), however the whole show together just worked.


After this it was time to drag our weary feet home. Totally mesmerized and pleasantly surprised the way our evening turned out.

The Hippodrome is actually a pretty cool place to hang out. Not only does it house the casino, but a whole variety of fun activities. Maybe not an everyday occurrence as this could leave your pockets quite empty, and there was still that ‘dancing girls on the bar’ feel even though it was more upmarket that we had foreseen.

Furthermore, if you fancy somewhere you can spend the whole evening wining, dining, watching shows and dabbling on the tables why not see where your Friday night can take you…..

Reporter: Aspen Glencross @Gollumcrackcorn and Jessepe

The Hippodrome Casino
14 Cranbourn Street

Website: www.hippodromecasino.com